Cutty Sark 2Sail Newsletter No 2

Cutty Sark 2Sail Newsletter No 2

Dear Friends,
Thank you for expressing your interest in creating a replica of the clipper Cutty Sark.

The Cutty Sark replica is a large-scale project. We have an ambitious plan – to build it mostly with the help and participation of ordinary people.
We believe the Dream of bringing this beautiful ship to life once again will attract a lot of good people from all over the world.
We want to create a “Dream Team” to build the Cutty Sark.
And we’re asking you to become a member of this team!

There are several stages to this project:

First – we must make this Dream known to as many people as possible;

Second – together, we will work out detailed plans, drawings, schedules and budgets. We could use Crowd-sourcing for this challenge;

Third – we will go and get the materials necessary to build the ship.
If we need to go to Indonesia for teak – we will go there!

Fourth – The construction of the Clipper. We will create an atmosphere where people will enjoy working together, learning together, communicating as friends. We will arrange a place where all volunteers who come to take part can stay together.

Fifth – we will come up with a lot of unusual and creative ways to get the funds necessary to equip the ship and get her ready to sail. This will be a lot of fun!

Sixth – we will teach all team members the maritime knowledge required to sail such a great ship.

And seventh – we will sail her across the Seven Seas.

How do we start:
Please find attached a Vision of what will happen.
We’re asking you to read it, and if you agree with it, spread the word!

For success, we need 10 000-strong media-crew: People, who believe in success, who support the Dream and who are ready to share their Inspiration.

How many of your friends of yours could believe in this Dream? Let’s check. Tell them about The Dream, see their reaction. If they like the idea, send them a copy of this letter, and share the Vision. Ask  them to join the Team here:

We will keep you posted.

Some people might have gotten this letter by mistake – no problem, send an e-mail to with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line and we will not bother you any more.

On the stern of original Cutty Sark there are words of the ship’s motto:


Together, let’s find The Way, and bring this beauty back under sail!

Vladimir Martus & the team

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