Cutty Sark 2Sail Newsletter No 3

December 2014
Dear all,
Thank you for your interest in the Cutty Sark 2 building project! When many good people share the same dream – it comes to reality.

We are at the beginning of a long way. In five years we have planned to convert the dream into reality. The idea of having new beautiful tall-ship sailing require a bit of paperwork, quite complicated design process, lots of carpentry and steel-work, but also it means getting a new knowledge, reviving essential skills, making new friends and even setting off on exciting journeys to unknown eastern countries to cut wood for planking. It is a great feeling of being part of most friendly team, working together and creating huge thing – 19th century three-mast ship. That is coming. Sooner that you might expect.

We have started. We got together – so far it is a small team. The first weekend of December we have met at Shtandart – our floating office – to discuss future of the project, work out first steps, and share challenges.
We want our team to grow. If you feel excited about the dream of sailing real tea clipper – just join us.

Watch Leader Vladimir Martus

In mid November, Vladimir Martus and Dmitry Ryabchikov has visited the largest conference of tall ships and sail-training world. It seems that information about Cutty Sark Reborn 2Sail has spread around quite wide. Most of sail-trainers know, and support the idea.

There was another chance to speak a couple of words about the project at the conference of Royal Institution of Naval Architects at the end of November in London. As you may expect, the presentation received restrained reaction as it was made in front of those professionals who had already been involved in the original Cutty Sark restoration. But even among them there are people who feel themselves intrigued enough with our project and ready to participate in it. After all, lots of british people and naval specialists long wished for Cutty Sark to sail again.

At the first weekend of December, the Crew of the New Cutty Sark got together: we’ve stared working on a business plan for the project. So far there are only six of us, but as we continue receiving a warm support from all over the world we hope our team to widen promptly. During the meeting onboard Shtandart we have discussed fundraising, marketing, communication strategy and ship’s construction. Of course, remembering that we are not only startupers but an eighteenth century tall-ship watch, we kept on preparing food at the galley and dining at crew messroom, climbing the shrouds and even walking at capstan. No surprise that finally we decided to call out team LOOKOUT WATCH of Cutty Sark.

YOU can join us now and become the part of the team! We are actively seeking for volunteer naval specialists, marketers, copywriters, translators, PR-specialists, graphical designers and all the people with the same view and passion for sails. Thousands of different tasks we have to complete, before Cutty Sark 2 will sail in the Ocean. Have a look at new event LOOKOUT WATCH and choose one of the challenges, which you could take – searching for information, comparing successful crowd-funding campaigns, writing to our future supporters and partners… See the details here, Event LOOKOUT WATCH.

Thank you again for your support, smooth sailing and fair water!

Kseniya Aksenovskikh

Kseniya Aksenovskikh

In love with color and line, Kseniya delivers visual sensation. Her beautiful images and drawings help pull the project together.

She is working incredibly hard to create and maintain a corporate identity which is giving the project a beautiful profile across the media.

Pete Sedgwick, UK

Pete Sedgwick, UK

A designer and boat builder with marketing experience, Pete offers us his wisdom and broad knowledge in marketing and strategy. For the last 15 years he has been building replica traditional wooden boats. Now he is moving on to ships!
He is up to his neck in this BIG dream – helping to create the next famous British tea clipper.

Bo Forsström, FI

Bo Forsström, FI

Liaison officer for the Tall Ship Races and business development manager, Bo gets great satisfaction from how sail training challenges young people and makes them grow.

He likes to go with them and gets inspiration from them.
Cutty Sark 2Sail Newsletter No 2

Cutty Sark 2Sail Newsletter No 2

Dear Friends,
Thank you for expressing your interest in creating a replica of the clipper Cutty Sark.

The Cutty Sark replica is a large-scale project. We have an ambitious plan – to build it mostly with the help and participation of ordinary people.
We believe the Dream of bringing this beautiful ship to life once again will attract a lot of good people from all over the world.
We want to create a “Dream Team” to build the Cutty Sark.
And we’re asking you to become a member of this team!

There are several stages to this project:

First – we must make this Dream known to as many people as possible;

Second – together, we will work out detailed plans, drawings, schedules and budgets. We could use Crowd-sourcing for this challenge;

Third – we will go and get the materials necessary to build the ship.
If we need to go to Indonesia for teak – we will go there!

Fourth – The construction of the Clipper. We will create an atmosphere where people will enjoy working together, learning together, communicating as friends. We will arrange a place where all volunteers who come to take part can stay together.

Fifth – we will come up with a lot of unusual and creative ways to get the funds necessary to equip the ship and get her ready to sail. This will be a lot of fun!

Sixth – we will teach all team members the maritime knowledge required to sail such a great ship.

And seventh – we will sail her across the Seven Seas.

How do we start:
Please find attached a Vision of what will happen.
We’re asking you to read it, and if you agree with it, spread the word!

For success, we need 10 000-strong media-crew: People, who believe in success, who support the Dream and who are ready to share their Inspiration.

How many of your friends of yours could believe in this Dream? Let’s check. Tell them about The Dream, see their reaction. If they like the idea, send them a copy of this letter, and share the Vision. Ask  them to join the Team here:

We will keep you posted.

Some people might have gotten this letter by mistake – no problem, send an e-mail to with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line and we will not bother you any more.

On the stern of original Cutty Sark there are words of the ship’s motto:


Together, let’s find The Way, and bring this beauty back under sail!

Vladimir Martus & the team

Cutty Sark 2Sail Newsletter No 1

Cutty Sark 2Sail Newsletter No 1

July 2014
Welcome to the Cutty Sark Replica Project family! Thank you for signing up for this newsletter. The Project started only 5 weeks ago, and this is our first newsletter.

The CSR Project was officially announced on June, 12. After only 36 days, we are proud to see 1262 followers on our Facebook page. The Project has also received the first donations of 2112 €, without actually starting the fundraising campaign. We are full of energy and determination to achieve our big DREAM – to create the new Cutty Sark clipper to sail the oceans.

Several top experts specializing in tall ships building have contacted us expressing their support and offering to help CSRP with their experience and knowledge.

The number of enthusiastic messages we have received are far beyond our expectations.

A proper website has been arranged at and, and its first simple version is now available. It is just the beginning, and we feel so excited

There are the nearest tasks and challenges:

  • To tell the world about the Dream, and find via the Internet and via other media as many like-minded people as possible. We would be very grateful, if you could help us to spread the word. Some of your friends might want to join the team.
  • To negotiate with the maritime authorities to define the regulations which would allow the new Cutty Sark to sail with cargo and trainees onboard;
  • To do the research and find out some details about tea-clipper building, the authentic methods and technologies of the 19 century. Please, help us to get in touch with knowledgeable historians;
  • To collect ideas about creating and managing a reality TV show, which might be called, for instance, “Dreams come true: creating a tea-clipper to sail the oceans”;
  • To start preparations for the expeditions to some amazing natural beauties, like Brazilian or Indonesian forests, to get great trees which are going to provide the timber for the new ship;
  • To brainstorm creating and managing an interactive museum, combined with a historical shipyard – a new attraction center for a large audience;
  • To develop and start the fundraising campaign. The first challenge would be to collect one hundred thousand euros for the basic design-work, and get approved by the maritime authorities.

Thank you for your interest and moral support. Perhaps, you could consider joining the Cutty Sark Replica project as a member – we will shortly publish the details.