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The Idea


We would like to invite you to join our project of constructing and sailing an exact replica of one of the most famous and perfect sailing ships in the history of the world – the tea clipper “Cutty Sark”. We have an ambitious plan – to build and then sail a replica of the clipper with the help and participation of the public.

Become part of the enthusiastic team that lives out the dream to revive the art of traditional sailing, a group that believes in adventure, team spirit and supports this magnificent project.


  • To create interest and educate the public in the traditional skills of composite/wooden shipbuilding. And preserve our maritime heritage for future generations by building a replica of the clipper “Cutty Sark” as a sea going vessel.
  • To promote education in the art of operating and maintaining ships under sail by providing training in seamanship to young people of all nations.
  • To promote sail-powered shipping as an environmentally friendly alternative form of transport.

Why the Cutty Sark?

To promote sail training and tall ship racing.
Just as before, when the speed and the rivalry of the clipper ships quickly caught the public’s imagination, we believe that a replica of the Cutty Sark will bring back the glory and media attention to the world of Tall Ship Racing.

To promote environmentally friendly transport on the seas.
Delivering her cargo under sail, she was as beautiful as she was fast, the perfect sailing ship of her era. Now she will promote environmentally friendly transport by sea.

To save traditional skills and knowledge for future generations.
Cutty Sark is a composite-build (wood planked on iron frames) sailing ship and building the replica is a unique way to restore and save traditional skills and knowledge for future generations.

International trade and friendship.
The Cutty Sark was a ship of international trade; she has significance in worldwide maritime history, especially in the UK, Portugal, China, Australia and Brazil.

Anniversary of the launching of the original Cutty Sark.
The 150th Anniversary of the launching of the original Cutty Sark will occur on 22nd November 2019.




Startup phase 2015-2019

Start of work with volunteer team;
Crowdfunding campaign;
Developing preliminary draft of ship’s construction;
Searching for a construction site;
Initial promoting the project to the media and public, creation of project’s website;

Fundraising and planning 2019-2020

Formation of the core team;
Formation and implementation of fundraising strategy;
Develop a legal framework for the future business structure;
Prepare appeals to major potential partners and sponsors.


Shipyard setting 2020

Negotiate and coordinate the construction site with a specific city,
Develop architectural plans;
Establish a museum exposition around the slipway, the opening of a museum shipyard with the potential for an exposition part for visitors.

Keel-laying ceremony

22 November 2020, on the date of the Anniversary of the original Cutty Sark ‘launching


Construction process 2020-2023

Installation of the metal skeleton of the ship over the wooden keel;
Logging for logs, sawing, drying;
Planking, caulking, painting (also teaching team of volunteers to traditional skills)
Supply of modern equipment;
Launching of the ship;
Fitting out on the water, including rigging, modern systems, etc.

Operating 2023 onwards

Hiring permanent crew
Preliminary training of sailors-trainees on the shore, certification of trainees;
Setting representative offices in other countries, media-crews;
Cargo transportation: contract search, planning of travel plans;
Contracts with sponsors for environmental transportation;
Contacts with ports along the route, negotiation of calls, etc.
Promotion of business in other countries: exhibitions, conferences, receptions, lunches, etc.;
Visiting ports in the museum mode.


An Interactive museum ​

The process of building the Cutty Sark 2 will be open to the public.

Where possible, construction processes will be organised as a “performance” with interactive elements; a venue where everyone can see and touch “living“ history and take part; an excellent forum to arouse the attention of the media to international maritime history. ​

Ship’s design ​

The ship must not only function as an interactive display but also be suitable for different operational roles – sail-training and cargo transportation.

We’ll create an environment where people will enjoy the teamwork, learning and socializing. ​

Media Coverage ​

From the start, including identifying the sponsors and patrons, throughout the construction process and up to the launching of the vessel, we want this project to be permanently covered by the media. ​

We aim to interest various international TV channels to follow us throughout the process. The media will follow us to the rainforests in South Asia to cut the teak for the decks, and to northern America or Canada for oak for the hull. They will be able to see the ship taking shape and follow her launching and first adventures on the high seas! ​

About Us


Schooner “St Peter”
(80 feet, 1991)


Frigate “Shtandart”
(110 feet, 1999)

Clipper “Cutty Sark 2”
(212 feet, 2019)

The initiators of the project are a group of highly motivated people, knowledgable in building traditional square-rigged ships. Our team has the expertise required when operating in the world of Tall Ships. Specifically in marketing, public relations and logistics.

Cutty Sark is an international project.

As the original Cutty Sark was constructed from materials that came from various countries and during her active life she sailed the seven seas, we want this project to be international in all its different aspects.
It should also be accessible to people of all nations and all walks of life, and when finished sail the world as an ambassador not of just one country, but as a living proof of unity between people with heart and soul for traditional ships and the seas.

Vladimir Martus, Team Leader

Vladimir Martus, Team Leader

Vladimir Martus started his sailing career at 14. He has raced for his country’s National Sailing Team for 12 years (Olympic classes).
Graduated from the St Petersburg University of shipbuilding as a naval architect in 1990. Built two large wooden replica sailing ships: Schooner “St Peter” (80 feet, 1991) and frigate “Shtandart” (110 feet, 1999).
As captain of the Shtandart, he has taken part in Tall Ship Racing since 2001. Vladimir has directed several large maritime events and festivals. He was Chief Liaison officer in St Petersburg TSR 2009. He is also a qualified RYA Yachtmaster/Instructor  and President of the non-profit sail-training organisation “Shtandart Project”.


David T Morgan, Esq, MBE, TD

David T Morgan, Esq, MBE, TD


CUTTY SARK 2SAIL Foundation Chairman

David is Chairman of the Maritime Heritage Trust and previously of Heritage Afloat, and Vice Chairman of the Cutty Sark Trust. He is Deputy President of the Transport Trust and a Committee Member of Europa Nostra Industrial and Engineering Heritage Committee.

David is also Founder President of the European Federation of Museum and Tourist Railways and the World Association of Tourist Trams and Trains.  He served as Chairman of Heritage Railway Association  until 1st June 2014, and is also Chairman of Great Central Railway Plc and Vice President of the West Somerset Railway and President of the North Norfolk Railway. His initial involvement with preserved railways was as legal advisor, since he is a solicitor.

David retired from practice at the end of Ferbuary 2013.  He served for 32 years in the Territorial Army, ending up with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel. He was decorated with the MBE by the Queen in 2003 for his services “to transport preservation in the UK and Europe”.

Mr John Robinson

Mr John Robinson

John’s 24-year career as a maritime curator was combined with extensive practical seafaring experience, including 32 years service with the Royal Naval Reserve and many thousands of miles under sail (He holds the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore qualification and an MCA Boatmaster’s Licence). Since retiring as Senior Curator of Water Transport at the Science Museum, he worked voluntarily for the European Maritime Heritage Organisation and serves as a Trustee of the Maritime Heritage Trust. His clients for consultancy studies have included the Heritage Lottery Fund, Trinity House Lighthouse Service and various maritime museums. A former member of the National Historic Ships Committee, he has a detailed knowledge of the UK’s heritage of historic ships and boats, and of ship preservation in European counties. John Robinson is an expert on all aspects of historic ship preservation and operation.

Captain Chris Blake OBE

Captain Chris Blake OBE

Captain Blake joined the Merchant Navy in 1962 and 13 years later moved to sail training. He has been captain of the Sir Winston Churchill and Malcolm Miller (Great Britain), STS Ji Fung (Hong Kong), STS Leeuwin (Western Australia), STS Kaisei (Japan) and delivery master of STS Young Endeavour, Britain’s bicentennial gift to Australia.

In 1993 Captain Blake took command of the replica vessel Endeavour and sailed her around the world twice, rounding both Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope during her travels to Europe and the Americas from Australia.

He holds the International Master Class I certificates with a square rig endorsement.

Captain Blake has been awarded the Freeman of the City of London, and Freeman of the City of Newark, USA. In 1996 he was awarded the Cutty Sark Medal for outstanding seamanship and leadership, and in 2001 received the OBE for services to Sail Training and Youth Development.

Perry Joiner

Perry Joiner

I just moved to Scotland from the San Francisco area, where I lived with my family on a 50 foot Ketch, after living on and maintaining a 105 year old Dutch Clipper in France for two years.

I’ve spent a lot of time at Maritime Museums in San Diego onboard the Star of India and San Francisco on the Balaclutha dreaming of seeing them under a full press of sail. The ship I served on in the U.S. Navy, in Public Affairs, is now a museum in San Diego, and the difference between a living ship and a museum piece is tangible and dramatic.

I’m a volunteer public relations officer for the United States Coast Guard as well as an Instructor and Vessel Safety Inspector.
I am excited to see this project come to reality.

Charles Hardy

Charles Hardy

A keen sailor at the center of the south coat of England who’s sailing routes travel back many generations. Originally a boat builder by trade and passionate to help realize this project and doing what I can to help make it happen.

Kseniya Aksenovskikh

Kseniya Aksenovskikh

In love with color and line, Kseniya delivers visual sensation. Her beautiful images and drawings help pull the project together.

She is working incredibly hard to create and maintain a corporate identity which is giving the project a beautiful profile across the media.

Pete Sedgwick, UK

Pete Sedgwick, UK

A designer and boat builder with marketing experience, Pete offers us his wisdom and broad knowledge in marketing and strategy. For the last 15 years he has been building replica traditional wooden boats. Now he is moving on to ships!
He is up to his neck in this BIG dream – helping to create the next famous British tea clipper.

PM von Kaenel (Michele Stephens), UK

PM von Kaenel (Michele Stephens), UK

Michele von Kaenel is a veteran broadcaster and media consultant who helps our team stay active and move forward.
Tall ships have always been a fascination of hers, so when this project surfaced she immediately applied to join the Team.

Bo Forsström, FI

Bo Forsström, FI

Liaison officer for the Tall Ship Races and business development manager, Bo gets great satisfaction from how sail training challenges young people and makes them grow.

He likes to go with them and gets inspiration from them.
Lina Radova

Lina Radova

Lookout Watch

A natural sales executive, Lina is happy to help with searching for construction sites and generating creative crowdfunding ideas.
She is the engine that keeps us going and she never stops thinking out of the box. She speaks fluent Spanish, Portuguese, and links the project with many countries.

Roman Abylkhatov

Roman Abylkhatov

Lookout Watch

Roman Abylkhatov is an IT engineer at Microsoft UK. For the Cutty Sark Replica project he is responsible for establishing the IT infrastructure to help coordinate the team work and volunteers activities online.


Maria Savelieva

Maria Savelieva

Lookout Watch

Maria Savelieva is a Logistics manager in consumer electronics production. She is experienced in international trade management, launching new sites, growing required supply chains. Focused and flexible, her job is to drive government relations, negotiations with officials and suppliers, and to develop the project structure and income opportunities.

Istvan Bordacs

Istvan Bordacs

Lookout Watch

Istvan Bordacs was a leader of the support department and also a project manager in the Hungarian Telecom company, he now runs his own business in IT, 3D printing and UAV areas building from the ground up. He has managing, marketing, electronic, programming and strong development skills. He has a degrees in IT engineering and an MBA.
He saw Cutty Sark in a magazine when he was a child and he always wanted to build her in his dreams. Now the dream has started to become reality…


Dmitry Ryabchikov

Dmitry Ryabchikov

Started to sail on board of Shtandart at age of 12. Since then he became a professional seafarer
and spent 14 years on sailing ships all types and sizes – from smallest yahts to giants like Kryzenshtern
and Star Flyer. Last 5 years works on Shtandart as a sail trainer and a ship’s officer.
In Cutty Sark project looking for the ways to integrate classic sailing ship in modern reality.
RYA Yachtmaster Offshore. Second captain of frigate Shtandart.

Mr Thomas Hoppe, Trustee

Mr Thomas Hoppe, Trustee

Thomas Hoppe is Vice-chairman of Gemeinsame Kommission für Historische Wasserfahrzeuge (GSHW).

Thomas is a qualified lawyer and runs his own Legal Consultancy Firm. He is also a keen sailor.


European Maritime Heritage

Non-governmental organization for private owners of traditional ships, as well as for maritime museums and other interested bodies.

Sail Service

Sail-loft established in 1987, continues the tradition of Konrad Korzeniowski’s sail-loft

Trans Oceanic Wind Transport - TOWT

A sailing freight transport company that offers a concrete and alternative solution both to climate warming and to the energy challenge.

Tall Ships Events

Bringing the tall ships community together.


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