Cutty Sark 2Sail Newsletter No 1

Cutty Sark 2Sail Newsletter No 1

July 2014
Welcome to the Cutty Sark Replica Project family! Thank you for signing up for this newsletter. The Project started only 5 weeks ago, and this is our first newsletter.

The CSR Project was officially announced on June, 12. After only 36 days, we are proud to see 1262 followers on our Facebook page. The Project has also received the first donations of 2112 €, without actually starting the fundraising campaign. We are full of energy and determination to achieve our big DREAM – to create the new Cutty Sark clipper to sail the oceans.

Several top experts specializing in tall ships building have contacted us expressing their support and offering to help CSRP with their experience and knowledge.

The number of enthusiastic messages we have received are far beyond our expectations.

A proper website has been arranged at and, and its first simple version is now available. It is just the beginning, and we feel so excited

There are the nearest tasks and challenges:

  • To tell the world about the Dream, and find via the Internet and via other media as many like-minded people as possible. We would be very grateful, if you could help us to spread the word. Some of your friends might want to join the team.
  • To negotiate with the maritime authorities to define the regulations which would allow the new Cutty Sark to sail with cargo and trainees onboard;
  • To do the research and find out some details about tea-clipper building, the authentic methods and technologies of the 19 century. Please, help us to get in touch with knowledgeable historians;
  • To collect ideas about creating and managing a reality TV show, which might be called, for instance, “Dreams come true: creating a tea-clipper to sail the oceans”;
  • To start preparations for the expeditions to some amazing natural beauties, like Brazilian or Indonesian forests, to get great trees which are going to provide the timber for the new ship;
  • To brainstorm creating and managing an interactive museum, combined with a historical shipyard – a new attraction center for a large audience;
  • To develop and start the fundraising campaign. The first challenge would be to collect one hundred thousand euros for the basic design-work, and get approved by the maritime authorities.

Thank you for your interest and moral support. Perhaps, you could consider joining the Cutty Sark Replica project as a member – we will shortly publish the details.

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